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Welcome! to The Bruno Papers. So glad you are here and hope you enjoy your stay. This is my First Post. So, who am I? What is this blog about? Why am I blogging? Things you need to know. Here goes …

What is this blog about?

It’s about You, Me, and Others and our shared life experiences, ideas, observations, stories, opinions, and whatever else comes our way. I welcome and appreciate all comments.

Thank You, Bet

Who am I?

I am a person who cares a lot. I am pretty passionate and you can probably say I am a bit intense. Most likely, you will know me upside down and inside out through this blog as time goes by. I hope you will enjoy visiting The Bruno Papers and won’t be disappointed.

Why am I blogging?

I like to write.

Today I would like to tell you the inspiration of The Bruno Papers. My husband and I lived in a two-bedroom red brick apartment, which was part of a complex. At the time we were living in sin so technically he was not my hubby at the time. Over time, some feral cats started hanging around in the parking lot. There were several but only two or three would venture up to eat the food we offered. They actually greeted us at our car when we arrived home from work. Animals were not allowed at the apartment, but what the heck. We decided to buy a house and naturally, we had to take the two with us. One male, my cat, Bruno. One female, my husband’s cat, Clem. They loved having a true home. Bruno was my oh so loved gray alley cat, with a stub for a tail. He lived with us for 18 years before he passed away, a relatively peaceful death. That was 2016. I’m not over Bruno and realize I never will be.

Our vet called Bruno “his best customer.” The vet remarked that he was the only cat he knew who would let you give him all this shots and chip the tartar off his teeth in the same visit. He was so gentle and easygoing.

Bruno lives in the very deepest depths of my soul still. So, I thought writing from such a soulful place might be a good idea. Hence, this blog is in Bruno’s honor. This blog will not be all about the neatness of cats and dogs, but there will be mentions and stories about animals. I am an animal lover. We have two dogs who love to bark and a cat who drives us bonkers. Respectively, their names are Daisy, Ellie, and Sage. So if you’re an animal lover, we have already bonded as far as I am concerned.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it. I hope you’ll come back and see what you think as time goes by.

Be Willing to Be a Beginner Every Single Morning.

Meister Eckhart

The One and Only Bruno Uno


  1. Makes me miss Buck and Betty Lou, our two “neighborhood” kitties that were shared by us and our neighbor at different times. Would love another one, but one has not crossed our path as of yet…

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