Advice & Decisions

What’s the best advice someone has given to you? What is the best advice you have given? Giving and receiving advice can be tricky territory. Giving advice How to give advice: Use your own experience. Your experience is the best advice you can give. Here’s something I had not thought about — why you might… Continue reading Advice & Decisions

Little Things I Miss

Just a couple of thoughts. Perhaps you have a few of your own. Being Around Children More Here are a couple of things that make me feel this way. This is what happens when you’re not a grandmother. Yesterday was Halloween. I was taking an afternoon walk. I happened upon a little girl, 7, and… Continue reading Little Things I Miss

Feeling Vulnerable

“. . . vulnerability is not a weakness but rather a superpower . . .” Brene Brown TED Talk. Ms. Brown goes on to interpret vulnerability as “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.” “Vulnerability is a paradox because the more vulnerable you allow yourself to be, the more powerful you will feel.” Karen Anderson, author of… Continue reading Feeling Vulnerable

5 Addictions

Oooh. This is already feeling strange. Feels like I’m in a confessional about to share my sins with my friends, but what the heck. 1. Love Let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way. It’s a given. As Robert Palmer puts it: Whoa, you like to think that you’re immune to the… Continue reading 5 Addictions

A Perfect Day

What would be on your list of things that would make for your perfect day? Here’s mine for now. You can have a perfect day whenever you like. Morning Sage This part is a no-brainer. It would start off between 1:30-3:00. This is the time Sage (my cat) has deemed it best to eat breakfast.… Continue reading A Perfect Day

Two Friends Gone

Her name was Deidre. May she Rest In Peace. I was a co-worker of Deidre’s. We were work friends. She had beautiful red hair and sparkling eyes, and a bright and happy smile. She was kind and generous beyond words. Her faith in God was strong. She had a daughter she loved so much and… Continue reading Two Friends Gone

What I Cannot Live Without

Once I started pondering this subject, my thinking almost became, “What all do I need to live?” The basics Water Air Shelter Food Sleep And my personal favorites: Clothes Pets Others This is good. We can take it from here. Survival experts apply the ‘rules of three’ to lasting without essentials. You can go about… Continue reading What I Cannot Live Without

Louisville Fun

The Symphony For almost any kid in school, I think field trips must be the most fun thing to do. Not having children myself, I could be wrong about that. I speak from experience only. I remember my first field trip was to the University of Louisville to hear the symphony. I was in 5th… Continue reading Louisville Fun

How Much is Too Much TMI?

Does this hit home with me or what? I am baffled as to how to answer this question. How would you respond? What are your limits? Since a couple of readers think I overshare, and possibly others who have remained silent, I want to check in on this. “They” say if you want to have… Continue reading How Much is Too Much TMI?

Favorite Room

At first it was a toss-up between the dining room and my bedroom. Then I realized I like all the rooms. Like my mother used to say, “Don’t make me have an opinion on that.” The Dining Room I thought about the dining room for my favorite first. However, nothing much goes on in that… Continue reading Favorite Room