Pesky Irritants

Do you ever experience just minor, little irritants that get under your skin just a bit? I sure do. Sometimes things bother me more than I should let them. Y’know, really, I need to put things in perspective.

On This Day Photos

I seem to get this notice from Amazon way too often. I know a lot of you like seeing things from your past. I understand enjoying seeing how your grandchildren are growing. Seeing how much progress has been made on your house through the years, how much your dog has changed, etc. I get it.

For me, this is just another notification to Clear. This first became a thing when the On This Day Photos were of my Bruno. I took pictures of him all the time. I really don’t want to be reminded he is no longer here. I feel the same about Sidney’s photos. How about years back when my appearance was different? I don’t want to see me then. I prefer the look I have now — except I have more white hair, and that’s fine.

Anyway, it finally dawned on me I don’t have to see past pictures so I ignore them. But why can’t I turn off completely that notification on my Kindle Fire? Just one less thing in my day to deal with.

Travel Photographer from

Current AT&T Email Outage

Hopefully, you are unaffected by this snafu. It’s been going on about three months. I called AT&T yesterday. They still have no fix. I was told to try to log in every two to four hours. I guess it will feel like I have won the lottery if I am able to sign in.

Not that I am a big fan of Amazon these days, but thankfully the email app on my Kindle Fire has been working throughout the outage. Last month I received a $7.46 credit on my bill. Yesterday they told me if I wanted another credit, I would need to call the Billing Department. I will. It is not right to pay for a service you don’t have.

I wonder what people are doing when their work requires immediate access to AT&T email. Surprisingly, there has been very little coverage, if any, in the news that I have seen. Gosh, a telecommunications company cannot get its problem fixed in three months and no news organization is reporting this. I must be missing something. The comments online were few, but there were some livid people. I don’t blame them.

Unwanted Flyers

This one is particularly annoying to me. The only acceptable paper item in a plastic bag in the driveway is a newspaper I subscribe to. I don’t subscribe to any papers so the driveway should remain empty.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution takes the prize. It has been several years since they have thrown their marketing materials my way. It took a long time to get across to them that I would appreciate it if they would just drive right past our house as they were throwing these plastic-wrapped papers out the car window.

I wasn’t understanding this either. I see them drive by with a yellow sheet in their hand. I thought they might be looking at who gets these materials and who doesn’t. I guess not.


This is my newest pesky thing. It can start two weeks in advance or one week.

I’m talking about doctor, dental, veterinarian, hairdresser, and other places I do business. There is no possible way on God’s green earth I would have any excuse for missing an appointment with the bombardment of reminders I receive. I contacted these places and asked to be removed from their mailing lists.

The first communication you receive, at least in my case, is an email/text reminder that your appointment is on such and such day. If you are going to make it, please acknowledge by pressing the Confirm button or texting “C” back. This is reasonable. I reply in the affirmative. To my mind, this is the end of the conversation. I’ve let you know I will be there.

But, nooo. For the following week, I receive seemingly daily directives about my upcoming appointment. No mode of communication is overlooked. They call. They text. They email. Recently, I received a text reminder and — I kid you not — within the hour, they called me.

My husband receives a text from his dental office before he gets to his car reminding him of his next six-month appointment date. As if I haven’t already received ample messages from these businesses, after my apppointment they send notifications asking for feedback on my experience. This is insane.

I am a grown woman and can keep up with my appointments without being hassled for a week or two beforehand. But really, is this doing any harm? No, I know it isn’t, but to me it sure is a nuisance.


This isn’t a real big gripe of mine but I want to mention it. I think in our hurried and rushed lives, now and then we are oblivious to our immediate surroundings. As I walk through a door when I’m out and about, before I let go of the handle, sans automated doors of course, I check to see if there is anyone behind me. If there is, I hold the door open for them.

At times, I hold the door for them first, then I go through. It is an off-putting feeling when I am behind someone walking through a doorway and that person basically lets the door slam in my face. I see holding the door open for someone a common courtesy. Some people are just preoccupied I guess. I like holding the door open for others. It makes me feel like a kind person. It’s an opportunity to do a random act of kindness. It’s a good thing.

Loaning Books

If you’re a reader, this one might bother you, might not. Back when I used to read physical books before I became an e-reader, I would loan books to family and friends. I love it when I read a good book and someone else seems interested in reading it after I’ve shared a little summary.

So, I ask if they would like to read this particular book. They say that sounds good. They even may say, “After I read it, do you want it back?” I reply either yes or no or it doesn’t really matter. Most of the time I say yes. It amazes me the number of times I never see the book again.

This doesn’t mean the person to whom I have loaned the book is bad. I guess they forget or just don’t think about it. However, I stopped loaning books out. I decided the best course for me is from Hamlet: neither a borrower nor a lender be. Not a big deal — I just order the unreturned book from Amazon and my bookshelf is back in business.

Ah, the Grocery Store

From time to time I think I could actually run a grocery store. Well, not really, but I contribute to the operation of the Publix where I shop. Ha! It all started with Chobani yogurt. I should note here that I go to the grocery only every other week. My husband goes the other weeks. I don’t know if this affects what’s available when.

I had difficulty explaining to the Dairy Manager that they were not ordering enough yogurt. Practically each time I went, there might be one container when I wanted more or there was none at all. So I find the manager for help almost every trip to the grocery. I mentioned this enough that I haven’t had a problem getting yogurt anymore.

I had similar issues with Tastykake chocolate frosted mini donuts in the sleeve and Publix’s biscotti. I explain to managers if I want to buy an item and they do not have it, they are missing a sale. Since they do not have the item, it’s a strong indication that the product is a good seller and, therefore, they should increase their order amounts. I am not a marketer, but this makes logical sense to me.

In fairness to Publix, I realize that Covid has messed with distribution. I understand. Things have gotten better.

Can you tell I dislike going to the grocery store? I have finally given up my cause for more inventory. So, I go home without what I want. In the grand design of things, Publix matters little in my life.

Amazon’s Latest

I figure Amazon’s Marketing Department never sleeps. I certainly am not a business person so maybe I am speaking out of line here. Seems like their logistics system is out of whack. Delivery is inconsistent. They used to be so good. I used to receive my orders in two days — now it’s hit or miss. I broke down and added them to Contacts on my phone. I refuse to put them on speed dial.

One of their newest maneuvers involves Fresh. Less than two months ago I was ordering things pretty as I pleased. Recently I had occasion to reorder some of the same items. These items were moved from Prime to Fresh. You know what this means, we are now spending more money.

When you order through Fresh, to get free shipping or delivery, you must purchase at least $35 worth of stuff. I can easily spend $35, but if that’s the case why do I pay for a Prime membership to get free delivery? What was the necessity of moving these Prime items to Fresh? They were not edible. This makes me mad as heck, but who cares? I don’t like the feeling of being taken advantage of.

Too Long Tennis Shoe Laces

Shoes Collage by me

Is it only me who has a problem with this? I’m all about tennis shoes. The majority of my shoes have lengthy laces. Sometimes it’s both shoes; other times it might be just one. How does a company manage to make shoe laces that are too long for the shoe?

Right now I am wearing a red pair of Converse All Star tennis shoes, not the expensive Chuck Taylor brand. I love them. Most comfortable sneaker I have ever had. You know what? The laces are perfect!

It’s human nature to gripe, but I’m going ahead and doing the best I can.

–Elvis Presley


May is Mental Health Awareness Month
National Alliance of Mental Illness


    1. Barbara, thanks for the memory! It’s been awhile since I’ve thought of Andy Rooney — loved him.

  1. I can’t stand the Medicare / wellness care invitations from groups and now my doctors offices. I even get my husband’s! Thanks for the good read Yinn e

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