“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” –John Keats

Meaning: “The phrase a thing of beauty is a joy forever means a beautiful object, natural or artificial, makes a person happy for a long time even if its beauty fades, or put into different circumstances. It is always a source of enjoyment, happiness, and pleasure for a person or a group of people.”

beauty (noun):

One definition of beauty: the quality or aggregate qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit


A few beautiful things to me

  • Lust for Life by Irving Stone
  • cozy throws
  • filet mignon
  • purring cats, happy dogs, majestic horses
  • rainy days
  • a cabin in Blue Ridge
  • forgiveness and understanding
  • my favorite pair of jeans
  • cardinals on snow
  • new beginnings
  • empathy and compassion
  • Anne Lamott books
  • dark chocolate
  • rosary beads from a caring friend
  • having faith in one’s self
  • accepting people as they are
  • a parent or grandparent hugging their children
  • Beyonce and Ed Sheeran’s duet Perfect
  • being good enough
  • reading and writing
  • screened-in porches
  • handwritten sympathy notes from the vet when you’ve lost a pet
  • the charms of small towns
  • loving, laughing, crying, and smiling
  • walking in cold weather all bundled up
  • a nod of the head and a wave to our mailman
  • art museums
  • letting go of ego
  • Janine, my tried-and-true good buddy
  • Paul’s handsome face
  • being able to exercise
  • mental health professionals
  • cloudy, overcast days
  • time alone
  • our veterans
  • warm sudsy baths
  • embracing aging as a part of living
  • daisies and daffodils
  • long sleeves
  • helpful people
  • tranquil early mornings
  • having everything I need
  • that life is and I am
  • Michelangelo
  • turtlenecks
  • open hearts and open minds
  • Cindy’s cranberry salad
  • quietude
  • fleece jackets
  • Valentine’s Day
  • a clean, crisp United States flag billowing in the breeze
  • truth and honesty
  • cat calendars
  • Aunt Meanie’s farm
  • Ellie sleeping beside me
  • self-acceptance
  • wicker anything
  • sending sympathy cards
  • Michelangelo’s David
  • my old Mazda
  • e-mails and texts
  • the muted sound when everything is covered with snow
  • the essence of a hygge lifestyle
  • grooming Sage
  • “Art is never finished. Only abandoned.” — Leonardo da Vinci
  • my office bulletin board
  • cat string theory satchel
  • Harlan Coben and Stuart Woods fiction
  • Bruno 💟
  • a comfy, relaxing bed
  • someone singing Ave Maria
  • gratitude
  • people who care
  • smiling at strangers
  • photography
  • plaids
  • mahogany bookcase Paul designed and built
  • my silver charm bracelet
  • being inside a church sanctuary by myself
  • floating on a raft in the ocean or on a lake
  • OK Cafe
  • the view from my bedroom windows
  • Vincent van Gogh
  • quilts
  • clocks that tick
  • random acts of kindness
  • being headache free
  • soft lighting
  • sending flowers
  • The Golden Rule and The Serenity Prayer (unabridged)
  • Claude and Camille, A Novel of Monet, by Stephanie Cowell
  • respecting elders
  • “Thank You” and “I’m sorry”
  • crystal champagne flutes
  • Changing of the Guard at Arlington National Cemetery
  • contemplation and reflection
  • libraries
  • Jelly Belly jelly beans

What is beautiful to you, the beholder? Please share your beautiful things in Comments. Be forewarned: once you start, it’s hard to stop. I would love to hear from you.


Warm hugs,

Let us live for the beauty of our own reality.
— Charles Lamb


John Keats 1795-1821

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month


  1. I feel I know you better now after reading your list! Heading to KY tomorrow for a family reunion. Honeys son, Bobby, the minister, passed away last year and having his funeral Sat. Haven’t seen cousins in over 25 years. Sad to say goodbye, but wonderful in seeing family. Live ya friend!

    1. Hi Judy, I am envious of your trip to Kentucky. I am sorry it is a sad occasion, but sometimes when I go to funerals, it’s good for my soul. Be safe and enjoy your family reunion. Much love my friend 🌷

  2. Beautiful things while riding in an Uber in NYC:
    Sunshine and blue sky
    Spending time with grandkids
    Lunch with my daughter
    Furry pets
    Meeting MY handsome husband at LGA
    Family gathering in Bridgehampton
    Alone time
    Taking care of my health
    Having another book to start — Elizabeth George’s new one at month’s end
    Gardenias in my yard
    The smell of fresh-cut grass

    1. Fabulous! Love your list. Thank you for introducing me to a new writer. Wonderful that you have strong family ties. Enjoy NYC. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Love this!
    #1: My boys
    sunsets over water
    mountain views
    fresh air
    morning coffee on my deck while the birds chirp away
    beautiful late spring days like today
    my baby girl Nala
    gahhhhd I could go on and on!

    1. Great list, Lisa! I agree it would be easy to go on and on. There’s so much beauty all around us. Naturally, dolphins would be on your list! Much love 🌷

  4. This piece was awesome!! I would have left a comment sooner but this made me want to roll back the chair, relax and just think about the things I love and things of beauty. But, either the good Lord “geared me” in a way that I can’t find the time or I …………….. just don’t know. I wrote down books you mentioned, I do find time to read sometimes. Now I will take time to make a list! Love it & you, keep up the great work 🙂

    1. Janine, I know how busy you stay — no worries about the list. I’m glad and happy you enjoyed the piece. If you read Judy’s comment below, she also mentions a new writer for me. Take it easy, Good Buddy. As always, great hearing from you. Thank you for your support. Much love. 🌷

  5. My family
    My memories of Ronnie
    Watching and hearing the ocean
    A good meal with family and friends
    Trudy (my dog)
    Having a job
    Waking up every morning
    My “friend”
    Thunder storms
    The smell of cut grass
    Being out on a lake
    Saying and hearing I Love You

    I’ll probably think of more but this is a few things.

    Love you my friend

    1. What a beautiful list, Diane. It was so calming and soothing to read. Thank you for sharing and for taking the time to make a list. Be well, My Friend. Much love 🌻🌾

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