5 Addictions

Oooh. This is already feeling strange. Feels like I’m in a confessional about to share my sins with my friends, but what the heck.

1. Love

Let’s go ahead and get this one out of the way. It’s a given. As Robert Palmer puts it:

Whoa, you like to think that you’re immune to the stuff, oh yeah

It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough

You know you’re going to have to face it, you’re addicted to love

Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love

Addicted to Love — Lyrics by Robert Palmer

So, yes, I’m addicted to love — not the “in love” kind. I just like the soothing, soft and calm feeling of being loved and loving others — humans and pets. Nothing fancy.

2. Sugar

This is my worst addiction. Bad for my health and hard on the teeth. Can’t go a day without it.

Sugar anyone? In the orange container is homemade caramel corn compliments of my good friend, Barbara. Thanks, Barbara, it’s delicious. Photo kyls.


My love/obsession with candy started when I was young. My dad often gave me spare change and I spent it on candy. I got all kinds. What about those candies made of wax, the big red lips? I loved those. Candy necklaces. Chocolate bars. Black Cow.

I liked candy cigarettes and cigars. The cigarettes were boxed like regular cigs, maybe 10 in a box. They were a white and chalky candy with a hot pink color on the tip.

Looks like they’re still selling.
Bubble gum cigars

Interesting how things are. Promoting smoking to young children — not good. Are tobacco companies still doing this on purpose?

Even today, there’s Winston-Salem, North Carolina — guess it’s too late to change the name of the town now.

Growing up in Kentucky, we played a lot of cigarette tag. To be untagged, you had to name a brand of cigarette. We knew our cigarettes.

I had my first one in first grade. My mother “smoked” Pell Mell unfiltereds occasionally. She didn’t inhale so she wasn’t technically smoking, so they say. I stole one out of her purse one day.

A neighborhood boy two houses down the street and I smoked it, surely not all of it. Don’t know how we got matches.

We hid under a neighbor’s low overhang on their house in the backyard. The taste was so weird. Would love to have a video of that.

Love Jelly Belly jelly beans. Supposedly, if you’re going to eat candy, jelly beans are the way to go — calorie-wise and least harmful to your body.

I usually get a handful of mini Tootsie Rolls from OK Cafe when I meet a friend for lunch. Going to have to stop going there. I think they’re getting out of my price range. Goodbye Tootsie Rolls.

I try to eat at least one 78%-88% cocoa square a day for the ole ticker. Can you believe it — candy that is actually beneficial to our health? Gotta love it!

Anything covered with dark chocolate — like the Midnight Milky Way and Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almonds. Dark chocolate raisins are my favorite.

I don’t consume all this candy on a regular basis. These are options.

Fiddle faddle by kyls

In Georgia, the three most popular Halloween candies, in order, are Swedish Fish, Jolly Ranchers, and Reese’s Cups. This varies by state. The things they keep stats on — amazing. http://www.candystore.com

There’s a great candy store in Marietta Square, Rocket Fizz. If you’re in the area, check it out. It will bring memories of candies you have forgotten. http://www.rocketfizz.com.


We recommend Publix’s oatmeal cookies if you’re a cookie person.

Not a faithful fan of ice cream, but I don’t necessarily shy away from it. If I’m feeling under the weather, I want ice cream.

It’s comfort food — an ice cream sandwich or orange sherbet will do. Back in the pink in no time!

My good friend Janine’s side business. She has lots of stories about kids and ice cream. Some would melt your heart. She loves the kids. Photo by Janine.

3. The Mail

As Andy would sometimes say when the daily mail was delivered to my desk, “Is it good news or money?” Now that’s the way to look at it.

It’s another addiction I picked up in childhood. I have always loved going to the mailbox. It might have started when my grandmother sent Christmas and birthday cards with $5 checks inside.

At one time I had a pen pal from Sweden, or was it Norway now that I think about it. I found her name in the back pages of Tiger Beat magazine.

Now that was really something — communicating with someone overseas. Nowadays no big deal.

Later on, my aunts, a cousin, my grandmother, and a few friends wrote letters and sent birthday cards. Maybe a care package from my mother. She used to write a lot … less expensive than calling.

I don’t know, the mailbox just became a place of hope and good feelings and moments of happiness. It’s nice to be thought of.

I look forward to the possibility of hearing from people. Email is great, but the personal touch is what makes the mail addictive. Some cards and letters still arrive, but it’s sparse compared to the old days.

Even now I look forward to the boxy mail truck heading down our street. I still open the mailbox filled with anticipation — maybe today. Nothing wrong with hoping.

Our mailbox

4. Books

Definitely over-the-moon about books. I read all sorts.

Much to my surprise, I have become an e-reader. Never thought that would happen.

For me, it’s a simpler way to read. The downside is it adds more screen time to the day. Nothing’s perfect though, right?

I love being able to look up definitions or Wikipedia entries with the touch of a finger. I have a small collection of bookmarks I no longer use. I miss that.

I’m not a reader of serial killer-type books or any kind of graphic violence. No blood and gore except sometimes that might sneak up on me. Once stuff is in your mind, sometimes you can’t get it out.

I like suspense/psychological thrillers and family drama books. I love a fascinating legal or medical novel. Really enjoy memoirs. Historical fiction. And, of course, an endearing love story.

My all-time favorite love story is Claude and Camille: A Novel of Monet by Stephanie Cowell. Five stars.

If you have any book recommendations, please let me know. Thanks!

Bookcase designed and built by Paul — a long ago Christmas present. It is my favorite piece of furniture needless to say. Thanks, Hon!

5. Exercise

Tough one. If it weren’t for the health of my body (never mind the sugar issue), I would not lift my little toe half an inch off the ground.

So it is a good thing I have this addiction. There’s so many other things I’d rather be doing.

I don’t have a rigorous workout regimen. I go to the gym twice a week and walk my hilly neighborhood usually three times a week.

If I get off schedule or have to miss a day, it depresses me and I beat up on myself — that’s how I know I’m addicted.

It’s a must that I exercise to maintain good mental health. My therapist widens her eyes if I say I’m thinking about giving up walking. I’m always thinking about it.

I won’t though because I know I can’t, but boy how I wish I could. I’ve been doing it so long I’m just tired of it.

I also do it for my bones and heart. I had osteopenia (can be a pre-cursor for osteoporosis) for years, not uncommon.

It developed into severe osteoporosis — the kind that if I laughed or bent over to pick up a leaf, I could fracture my spine or hip.

Just to scare the heebie-jeebies out of me, the doctor throws out the word “wheelchair.” Yikes!

Without asking my thoughts or opinions about it, she immediately set me up for injections of Evenity. One injection in each arm once a month for a year.

At the time, the drug had been on the market for about eight months. I felt like a guinea pig.

I consider Evenity a medical miracle. I no longer have osteoporosis. It reverted to osteopenia.

Not that I’m thrilled having osteopenia, but I’ll take it over the alternative. I am an elated camper.

Hence, reasons I’m involuntarily addicted to exercise.

Certainly Not All

Naturally, I have others — caffeine for one. Too much time on the internet. Maybe too many tennis shoes. Actually, where does it end? Possibilities for addictions galore.

I’ll try to stick to the ones I have and not pick up more. I do wish I could curb the sugar habit though . . . but just not feeling it.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave comments — about anything! I take questions, too! Book recommendations?

Did you know?
Tootsie Rolls were included in soldiers’ field rations during WW II to give American troops “quick energy.” In 1950, the U.S. and United Nations’ troops in Korea put out a call for “Tootsie Rolls,” a code name for mortar shells.

When they opened the airdropped box, they actually had been sent Tootsie Rolls. They turned out to be useful. Because of its malleable consistency, the soldiers used the candy to patch up holes in vehicles and equipment.

October National Observances
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Bullying Prevention Month
I’m Just Me Because Month



    1. To me, it is a beautiful piece of furniture. He’s talented in many ways. I got lucky. Take care, Carter 💕. Thank you for your comment.

      1. Loved it!! You always help me roll down memory lane. Love the love ❤️ 💕 When it comes to candy, I just don’t by it because I will eat it, not much will power within me. Do love those tootsie rolls, and caramels. A friend from work, leaves me one – are you kidding me! But, I don’t complain but I love them. And I love those LOVE those oatmeal cookies from Publix, and flan.
        Love my bird watching these days.
        I love riding the roads I haven’t been down; never know who you might meet. I could go on and on but then it might not be addictions.. Love the book case Paul built!! So enjoyed this read. Xoxox Janine

        1. I think you are addicted to your birdwatching and that’s a good thing. Riding down roads — you’ve always had an adventurous spirit. Flan, yes! but it’s been awhile. Thank you for your kind comment about Paul’s bookcase. Thank you for reading and always appreciate your comments. Much love 💕

          1. Indeed. It’s my favorite video — sexist as it is. Used to see it a lot when MTV first came on the scene. Those girls were serious eye candy.

  1. Yes, love makes us all feel needed and appreciated…Love makes the world go around! I’ve run into many elderly people in my business who are alone with no family left, and it’s heart breaking to see how alone they feel and have stated to me not having family to love them is the hardest. I say to my friends and family quite frequently how I love them. Never go to bed without saying to my husband… I love you. Honey instilled that, and my Daddy too, in me. I’m a hugger too! Like you Yvonne, I love my candy snack. In fact, I have a case of tootsie rolls bought from boy scouts. Eat two every night! Gotta have chocolate every night. I wish I liked the dark chocolate candies, but just can’t develop a taste for it. Loved the candy ciggies as a child. Mom always smoked Pall Mall unfiltered also. Never understood why, getting those little pieces of tobacco left over on your tongue…yuck! Tried my first cig at 14 and got nauseous. Second time at 17 and was ok. Tried my best to hide from Honey, but she eventually caught me twice…cig butt floating in toilet bowl and hiding my ashtray in my night stand caused a cig stain on furniture and stunk too! I continued smoking, and unfortunately, still do. You and I share many things in common, sherbet ice cream is my favorite too. Eat the pushups all the time. Your husband built a beautiful book case…very talented. Looks so pretty. Hope all is well. I love you my sweet friend🥰🤗

    1. I think family is like the major factor in people’s lives. My heart goes out to the elderly you counsel in their greatest time of need. It is a real fear of mine. If Paul should predecease me, I will be alone. I’m already worrying about that now. I want to go first. I love it when people have good family relationships – it’s truly priceless. I remember when I had my first cigarette. About 18. My roommate wanted to try it. We were at Clearwater Beach on a work night at about 9:00. It took years and years and numerous tries before I quit. It is not easy. It’s hard not picking up the habit if you were raised in KY. Judy, thank you for your sweet comments about our friendship. I thoroughly appreciate your honesty and warmth when you leave comments. I wish we could go to lunch tomorrow. I miss you and the fun we had. What strong memories. Thank you for reading and you write great comments. I love you. 💜💕❤️ Thank you for the kind mention of Paul’s bookcase.

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