So, Whazsup? As Bugs Bunny Might Ask

Hello! I have missed you! Just when you thought you had heard the last from me, I reappear. Sometimes you just can’t seem to catch a break. Ha!

This little sabbatical has been good. I have done some old and new things which have been mostly pleasurable.

I think this is my biggest news. The mental professionals have taken me off one of my major meds. It’s the one I take for bipolar. They didn’t replace it either. Always happy to take one less pill.

So far, so good. No symptoms have returned. The reason I came off was because of side effects. I started having tics, which were becoming much worse. Turns out I have had them for awhile, but they stealthily snuck into my being. I thought things were happening because I’m getting older.

My tics included involuntarily moving my mouth around, gnashing teeth, rolling tongue. Blinking and squinting. Trouble swallowing. Scrunching my nose. All this makes for a trippy-looking face movement.

This drug caused them. It was an antipsychotic med. Also the fact that I’m aging adds to it. I had been taking that pill a long time.

During the course of discussion the day I went in to get some relief, I told them I was not leaving without a prescription in my hand. They gave me samples.

My therapist told me of a lady who had such bad tics, she was unable to walk! This just shows how powerful these medicines are. Not being able to walk because of a psychiatric drug? Blows my mind. And then a powerful enough drug to allow you to walk again.

Of course, I still have bipolar. If you want a laugh, here’s this. I didn’t used to have anxiety but somehow I’ve acquired it and it is worse. So the therapist tells me the OCD is more prevalent and this increases the anxiety, which increases the tics. Round and round we go.

So, much to my dismay my mental illness has raised its ugly head. I’m back to testing which meds will help this aging and sick brain. The new medicine is $$$$. I must have a bit of good karma. A grant is helping with the cost.

This new drug is prescribed for tardive dyskinesia. It takes away the tics for seven out of ten people. I have not been diagnosed with TD. There is a test for it. I don’t need a test to see the writing on the wall.

From what I know, a large majority of people never get rid of their TD forever and for good — even taking this medicine for years. I think I will be taking this med for the rest of my life.

It’s been a few weeks now and the tics are milder. It would be grand to be a lucky one who doesn’t have to deal with TD until they die.

Absolutely maddening. The good news is I’m progressing positively. I can function again without as much annoyance.

Sage in box. He may look like a sourpuss, but he’s not.

Odds and Ends

Christmas was okay. Almost everyone I asked said they weren’t quite into it this year.

My opinion is that the world is going bonkers. I believe we have a little grey cloud over our heads. There’s just no way we can live on the planet without our subconscious being aware of this. That’s my take on it.

Still learning how to drive my car. It’s been four months. I am unable still to pull into parking spaces accurately. I’m usually parked at a severe angle. It happened again today at the grocery.

I can’t believe the number of times I have parked and reparked just to get situated between the lines — I have the back-up assist feature, but not a camera in the front unfortunately.

It also seems like so many times when I get in the car to go, “Oh, what does this button do?” I’m still trying to figure out which buttons lock/unlock the driver’s door differentiated from the other three.

I mean how many freaking buttons are there? I probably shouldn’t share this with you because it makes me sound like a true doofus. Let’s just leave it that cars have changed A LOT in the last 20 years.

What’s new you say?

I’ve started drawing classes. You need to draw before you can paint, at least I do.

Students of Ms. Pink

I found “doodle Art Studio.” It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump from the house. The instructor goes by Ms. Pink. Talented out the ying yang.

We hit it off beautifully the first time we met. I know I have a tendency to leap into things hard and fast, but my heart tells me Aleigha is the real deal.

She works with children and adults. Birthday, anniversary, any special thing to you, and whatnot painting parties, and school break camps. Also private instruction.

She even makes house calls — happy to come to you for your event. She is the busiest and hardest worker I have ever known, true to her zodiac sign — Taurus, the Bull!

I can’t begin to tell you all the things she’s accomplished in her short life. Color me impressed. We do have one problem: We talk too much. Really, I could pay just to sit and visit with her for 90 minutes — therapist be damned.

My regular drawing class is Monday mornings. I have had five classes. Great way to start off the week!

A gift from Aleigha. Matisse cat. Naturally, Ms. Pink added some lines and curves to one of my first drawings.
Again, Aleigha added lines and curves here and there. I am surprised how quickly you can paint acrylics. I’ve never painted in that medium.

Here’s what we’re working on now:

Girl With Hair Ribbon is a 1965 pop art painting by Roy Lichtenstein. It was purchased by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo for $6 million. Love this painting!


You know I have been reading!

Right now I’m reading Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult. I love most of her books. This one is good, but don’t read it if you don’t want to know a lot about Covid. Not a page-turner for me.

However, if you want to know things about the Galápagos Islands, I think you would enjoy this book.

A book I have read and recommend is The Henna Artist. It is the first of a trilogy. I read the second one, The Secret Keeper of Jaipur. Writer is Alka Joshua. The final book comes out the end of March, The Perfumist of Paris. The main setting is India.

Should you end up giving one a try, I hope you’ll share your thoughts with me. Would love that!

So that’s all the excitement I have so far in the new year

However, I have picked up an unanticipated resolution. I want to make more charitable contributions than we did last year.

So many worthwhile causes are out there. A new one I have found that you won’t see advertised is Irwin and Karen Redleners’ organization. It is Ukrainian’s Children’s Action Project (UCAP). They are co-founders.

He is an American pediatrician and public health activist. He specializes in health care for underserved children and disaster planning, response, and recovery.

With all the advertising we see for different charities, it really is hard to pick one, much less a few others. We usually give to animal causes.

I tear up every time I see an ad requesting money for unfortunate animals in our country and worldwide.

How do they find such sad and tender music to play? I change channels or mute the TV and close my eyes.

Ta Ta

Great talking with you again! I’ll be around still, but probably not as often. I know I’ll come upon something that speaks to me that I might want or need to talk about. Until then . . . . . . . — ah, what’s that?, something just came to mind. Told you!

Namaste. 🙏

Thank you so much for reading. You are appreciated by me. Please feel free to leave a comment. I live for them! Perhaps you even may have a question for me!


  1. Hey Yvonne, I miss you at Yoga and your beautiful colored hair. Actually, I’ve been putting pink highlights in my red hair and loving it!
    I sense your nightmare with meds and tics and strange behavior – and parking! I’d love to have a cuppa with you one day.

    1. Hi Maureen, so great hearing from you. Appreciate you leaving a comment. I look forward to visiting with you at some point — sooner rather than later.

      Yep, adjusting to new drugs and parking —- just how much can a girl take!

      Hope to see you soon. My best to your fur family.


  2. Yvonne, I was so excited to see the BP that I read all my other emails, saving yours for last for savoring!
    I’ve had my latest car for three years and I still can’t get exactly aligned into a parking space, facing forward or with back up camera. Maybe it’s not us; maybe the lines are a bit skewed??!!
    It is amazing how we write off changes we experience to our “aging” without considering they might be related to meds. I have friends my age who take no meds at all (unbelievable). Glad to hear your tics (which we probably discussed over the fence) are getting better.
    I tried a med to prevent multiple trips to the bathroom at night and the dry mouth warning wasn’t kidding; the first time I took the pill I told the doctor I’d rather get up several times a night than have the dry mouth.
    You might have preferred this detailed email was sent to you privately, but BP inspired me to share. See you over the fence soon maybe? Doodle sounds like a lot of fun; glad you’re enjoying it.

    1. Hi Harriet, I’m glad to know a smile came to your face when you saw TBP in your mailbox.

      Your comment is fine and thank you for leaving one.

      I use Biotine mouth rinse. It is made for dry mouth and I have no complaints. My dry mouth came from the antidepressants.

      Doodle is quite fun. I have no idea how I ever found a person quite like Ms. Pink. So glad I did.

      Thank you so much for reading and leaving an interesting comment!

  3. I admire you Yvonne with your struggles with meds and your positive attitude. Sounds like you have this under control in finding what is right for you. Happy to know your tics ate getting better. I’ve never been great at art, but there are paint parties in my town all the time, and I need to get the courage to try one. They look like fun painting with other ladies and having a glass of wine. Just need more confidence in myself. I don’t know why I don’t read an actual book, never was interested. Always made me fall asleep! I read all the time, just not novels and such. Do you remember Mrs. Tarry, English teacher, she always said the smartest people are those who read! I know what you mean about cars, I’ve had mine for 7 years and I too don’t know everything about my car. They sure don’t make cars like they did when we were growing up. My car had been stalling for a year now, and dealership can’t figure out. Chrysler knew about my vehicle problems when I bought it and center said a word. I’m mad that they don’t care about a customer’s safety. I’ve come close to getting hit…it just dies on me. I’m gonna be forced to buy another car now because I get extreme anxiety every time I’m driving. I’ve spent $1500 trying to fix. I think you’re right our country isn’t healthy with all the hatred, racism, crazy conspiracy theories, climate change denial, etc. I do worry for future generations. So wonderful hearing from you, and will look forward to your next post. Looking forward to spring! Luv ya

    1. Judy, you better get another car and fast. It sounds dangerous and traffic is already a nightmare.

      I think you’d enjoy a painting class. I love being around a young person. Pink is hip and keeps me informed on trends.

      I do remember Mrs. Tarry with her beautiful white hair. She wrote in my yearbook something to the effect “…….. a girl with a beautiful crown of hair.” Wish I had that crown now!

      Thank you so much for reading and leaving such an interesting comment.

      Peace, love, and joy to you and Walt.

  4. Hey !
    So glad you are back writing to cheer me up. I can’t park either and I have had my car for over 15 years! I am almost always at an angle, so I park at the far end so hopefully people won’t be offended by my bad parking job and hit my car with their door.
    This started about 2 years ago. I think I am fine and I get out and see my horrible angle.
    Hope everything works out with the new meds. You have a great spin on it all and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Appreciate you leaving a comment.

      So, what you’re saying is that I can anticipate living with my parking affliction for 15 years? Hmmm. Like you, I park the farthest away — good exercise and like you say hopefully no one will ping the doors.

      So far, so good with the meds. Tics and breathing much better.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  5. Wanted to let you and all your readers know my local used bookstore just moved to your neighborhood.
    1130 Concord rd. Really nice lady named Tracy
    I hope to check out her new place soon but wanted as many people to know as I can so she’ll get great support.

  6. Dear Yvonne,
    I’m so glad that you’ve found a medication to help with the tics.
    I wish you the best on driving and parking between the lines. I swear they are more narrow than they were say thirty years ago!
    Speaking of driving or not driving in my case, I find that it is too dangerous to drive nowadays.
    Everyone goes well over the posted speed limit and tend not to use their Turn Signals. I’m happy with Janine always offering to take me here or there.
    Good luck with your drawing. If you can draw on a canvas what you write and express in the Bruno Papers, it will be a masterpiece!
    As always, I enjoy the Bruno Papers so much. Lona ❤️

    1. Hi Lona, you are one sweet cookie, plain and simple. It had never occurred to be to put thoughts to canvas. That sounds terribly challenging.

      Regarding driver, I would like nothing better than having a chauffeur!

      A lot to say about meds when they work — not so much when they don’t.

      Thank you for your comment. I always enjoy them. Your support and encouragement are appreciated.

      Love to you.

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