I Can’t Think of a Thing to Write . . . Really?

Big splash! The water is cold, but I’ve done it. A new post published. You would not believe how many posts I have started lately, but my mojo can’t get up to speed to finish any.

I think all the time about things I could write about and the words I would use. Would readers find this boring or entertaining for a few minutes? Lord, I don’t want to be boring, but then we don’t always get our way.

It’s not for lack of subject. I don’t think it’s writer’s block. No, I’ve become lazy. I believe I was genetically made this way. My mother used to say how lazy my dad was. She said this while they were still married. Nothing like the wife nagging that you’re lazy. Again, my mother bringing out the best in people!

All because he hated mowing the yard and would rather watch Cincinnati Reds baseball made him lazy in my mother’s eyes. He didn’t have any hobbies or other interests, except drinking with his buddies.

My dad loved people. People loved him. If you call that lazy, then so it is. He did, however, read religiously the Louisville Courier Journal. And on second thought, he did have a hobby a little later in life: he loved to play the horses. Keeneland was his favorite place to be. I don’t think he ever went to The Derby.

He loved to work though. I don’t remember him not ever taking his jobs seriously. Eventually, ageism and computers entered our lives and he lost his job. The company wanted him to teach the new young wonder (his replacement) how to operate the computer. My dad said “no thanks,” and he was gone.

No worries. He happened upon a man who needed assistance with a motivational speaking company he was starting. I think he was in his late 60s, early 70’s. He said it was the best job he’d ever had.

But I digress before I start . . .

For Lona, with love. Fiddle Faddle

Posts that didn’t make the cut

One post I started involved a loudmouth, middle age man talking on his cell as though he were on a bullhorn. This happened while I was waiting for my car to be serviced.

I am not proud to say this, but the minute he entered “my area,” I said, “You know I am not really interested in hearing your conversation.” After the stunned look receded from his face, he started talking on the phone again. “Yeah, I’ve got a ‘Lefty’ next to me who has a problem with me talking on the phone,” all the while staring at me.

And just to be extra nasty, he turns and looks directly at me and says, “Yeah, I’m talking to a “trans.” What?? Where did this obnoxious creature come from? Lucky for him, and for me, I let it go. I could care less to whom he was speaking; I just didn’t want to hear his voice.

Perhaps things would have gone more politely had I put my statement in the form of a question instead of a declaration — but that’s so not me.

Kindness and Civility

This is another post I started but didn’t finish.

Ms. Pink with two of her students. If I’m ever down in the dumps, depressed, or just feeling sad, I look at this picture and am soon back in the pink.

We live in a world with a lot of both. We also live in a world with plenty of unkindness, incivility, and downright rudeness.

You know I’m always thinking of something to write about. I let things flow through and waft about. This post didn’t just stop and park; it came in like prey chasing prey on the Serengeti. Well, maybe not that bad, but close.

“They” say that kindness and civility come in different forms. About the only thing I do is give a server a good tip. I’ll let a driver pull in front of me if I can actually see their face. I say “please” and “thank you” and “yes ma’am” and “yes, sir.” Sometimes I call people idiots, but not to their face! Haha.

My idea of being civil is keeping my mouth closed when I’m just dying to say something when someone expresses their point of view and I totally disagree. This has taken me a long time to learn — and I’m still working on it. And sometimes I just speak my truth and am done with it. No harm done.

How close is too close?

Raise your hand if you like to be tailgated. This can be in the car or involving another human.

In the car when this happens, I become nervous, threatened. You don’t know how fast that person wants you to go. Maybe you need to go 8-10 miles faster. They get their gun out of the glove compartment and flash it, just to tempt you with a little “push.” These days I feel like anything can go berserk.

And then, there’s always the grocery closeness. I talk enough about my grocery woes here, so I’ll spare all of us that negativity.

Too close is going to a music concert. Too close is waiting in the ophthalmologist’s office. Too close is Ellie sleeping right next to me. Airplane seats. Traffic — regular or rush. Sitting in Chick-Fil-A drive thru.

if you’re wearing something I admire, I will compliment you. If you give me a fox made by a 3D-printer that glows in the night, I might give you a dog kiss like Ellie does me. The ultimate in kindness. Thank you, Pink.

Another half-finished post

Opinion: Happiness

I am a believer that happiness comes in moments or small events of time. I consider myself happy as a rule, but we all have our moments. I don’t seek out happiness. That could turn out to be an emotional danger zone. It is either there at the moment or it’s not.

I think the default for life is suffering with times of happiness sprinkled through. I admit some people do seem to live charmed lives though.

Acrylic — ys with strokes here and there by Pink

There are just so many sad situations throughout the world. I have trouble feeling on top of the world with so much suffering. It’s getting untenable right here at home.

So we’ll end on an upbeat note. What’s going right in your life these days/months?


  1. First time in six weeks that I haven’t had a doctor’s appointment.
  2. Have been lessening my doughnut consumption.
  3. Loving art class
  4. Having a walking buddy
  5. Walking less, but that’s good and can be bad
  6. Living freer without my tics
  7. Back to eating Greek yogurt, granola, and blueberries
  8. Getting better at driving the car
  9. New friendship with Ms. Pink
  10. The weather — how could I forget? Can still wear long sleeves, turtlenecks, sweaters, and jackets. Ooh, that makes me feel good.

I hope good things have come your way and continue to do so. Please feel free to share.

Namaste 🙏

Thank you so much for reading — really appreciate it. Please feel free to share your good things. I love comments.



    1. Ernst, I just love how much laughter you bring into our world. Thank you for being you. Love back.

  1. Dear Yvonne,

    I love the Butterfly Art! Thank you! I intend to enlarge it to an 11 x 14 and make 2 copies. I will then hang it in my Living Room and David’s Room.

    I enjoyed this post talking about Kindness. It only takes a few minutes to brighten someone’s day with words of kindness.

    I was raised the same way as you were. I find that good manners and true intentions has fallen to the wasteside in this day and age.

    As always, I love when you post, what you express and how it helps me so much!


    1. Glad you’re okay with my attempt at drawing an orange butterfly for David. If you’d like anything changed, let me know.

      Lona, thank you for being a loyal reader and commenter. I’m glad you enjoy The Bruno Papers.

      Have a good day. Great hearing from you. xoxo

  2. I like the way you think and enjoyed that post! So, if anyone offers you medicine for loose connections, don’t take it.

    1. Hi Lou, I love the hilarity I found in your comment. I feel like we all have loose connections — something we need to survive these crazy times.

      Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment.


  3. Welcome back my friend!! You have been missed… You always say things that roll around in my/anyone’s/everyone’s head. Love the list.
    Love spending time with my friends(in person & phone) (friendships change throughout our lives, interestingly enough, well heck so do families)
    getting back up to “Hassie”
    spending time with granddaughter (she doesn’t realize how great I am, yet)
    cutting back on old job to spend more time on ice cream truck / home

    1. Janine my dear friend, great to hear from you and I love your comments about friendship — I even have an email friendship—and that’s the only way we have ever communicated.

      Thank you for being a loyal reader. Your comments are always welcome. Thank you, Good Buddy!

      Welcome back to retirement and the Ice Cream Truck. Have fun!


  4. Your blog keeps me connected to you now that I’m living elsewhere. And I can follow your treats and travails when you post combo-blogs like this. I miss you.

    1. Hi Judy, how nice to hear from you. You are missed as well. I should have you as a guest writer after hearing all the things which are keeping you busy in your new surroundings.

      Than you for reading and commenting. xoxo

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