Heavy Lifting

Are you in to fitness? I am. I have a really good personal trainer. We have been together for three or four years. I started training in 2007. I have had three trainers and Lisa is the best. I decided to get with the program when my doctor told me I was overweight. It is embarrassing to say but I did not consider myself overweight. Was I dense or what? One day I was reading Prevention magazine. It had a little snippet that said, “Get rid of your maid and get a personal trainer.” I did just that. Wish I had a maid now though. I am fit and am a reasonable size.

How to Find a Trainer

I truly believe that insurance should pay for people to have trainers, at least a group of people and a trainer, not necessarily one-on-one. I started out having a trainer come to my house. At the time, it cost the same as just going to a trainer at a gym. After that, I had a trainer associated with a gym. He moved around a bit. I followed him for seven or so years, I think. Now I’m with Lisa. Hers is a neighborhood gym, no bells or whistles, but she gets the job done. Some gyms even have child care. I think that is very cool. [You know I am new at this blogging thing and I cannot figure out how to insert one of my videos into this post. Once I figure that out, I will share with you. Grrrr.]

Your Ego

Trainers are great for your ego! I can dead lift 40 pounds. Lisa thinks it’s amazing and goes running for her phone so she can have a video of this. This isn’t unusual. She’s made several videos of me in action. I do not know to whom she sends these. She actually admits she cannot lift the 40 pounds. That is remarkable because I have a couple of decades on her. Believe me, though, she can do things I wouldn’t even attempt. I am her oldest client. So anytime is a great time to start working with a trainer. I do admit it is a splurge, but definitely worth it, especially those years I could not get health insurance and was trying to stay healthy. Maybe sometime I can get her to guest blog here on The Bruno Papers.

So …….

I recommend any kind of exercise. Walking is the best. I do yoga off and on through the years. My latest new exercise craze is rebounding/mini-trampolining. If you’re a runner, you might want to know that rebounding is low impact and easy on the knees. Supposedly, rebounding is better than running. Its history involves NASA astronauts. Great for bones. Great for your lymphatic system. So if you aren’t already, let’s get moving. Your body will thank you for it.

“Train insane or remain the same.”


  1. Hi Bruno,

    Yeah, I had a similar weigth problem some years ago.
    Was chill’n all day, only got up for milk & cookies.

    Couple of years ago we moved to a new house on Fat Cat Hill.
    Seems it used to be a boarding house for fast mice.
    Got me racing around and help me shed them excess pounds.

    … sjips, there goes a “Speedy,” I’ll let ‘m go …

    1. Ha! Fat Cat … good move on moving to Fat Cat Hill to chase fast mice. Good for you that you got rid of the excess pounds. Looking good ….

  2. I love seeing this video on your blog and thanks for the shout-out! I always enjoy our time together. Never a lack of conversation with us! 😊❤️

    1. You know you are on my Top 5 list. Love that you’re there. We do have great workouts. We talk so much that I hardly notice “the pain” you’re putting me through. Thank you for your Comment and for visiting The Bruno Papers.

  3. You look amazing and I think you are an amazing writer! Poo on law firm partners. Been there done that. I also had some wonderful law firm partners to work with, thank heavens!

    1. You are right. There are some amazing lawyers in the field. Thank you for acknowledging that. Hopefully, if I get permission, I have one I want to write about. Great to hear from you, Christie. I hope you and your furry family are doing well. Thank you for dropping by and please come again. Truly appreciate the Comment.

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