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“On average, we think about 50,000 thoughts a day. Few of them are new. A whopping 98% of all thoughts we think on a daily basis actually belong to yesterday.” https://www.medium.com Andy Murphy, The Shocking Percentage of Thoughts That Belong to Yesterday, December 8, 2021.

This leaves us with 2% for new thinking a day. So I’m going to share some “wonderings” — both new and old. At least I hope I have some new thoughts each day. Don’t want to be a dud thinker.

Friday 8.5.22

This isn’t a new thought but I do wonder about it. It’s about my iPhone. One of the security features I use is face recognition.

I wonder as I age and my face changes, will my phone not recognize me one day? What if I get new eyewear? Or what if I have some work done (highly unlikely)?

Fiddle Faddle

U.S. Mint

Paul and I were on the porch this morning having a relaxed visit. He said he had something in his pocket yesterday that felt a little different.

He pulled it out and it was one of those quarters honoring women of notable significance. It was Wilma Mankiller. I don’t need to state the obvious, but what a name!

Wilma Pearl Mankiller was a Native American activist, social worker, community developer, and the first woman elected to serve as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation.

I wonder why I didn’t know about her. After all, President Clinton gave her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Vaguely, I remember hearing the name.

She is part of the American Womens Quarters program which is in existence from 2022-2025.

The U.S. Mint will issue up to five new reverse designs each year. The women honored will be from ethnically, racially, and geographically diverse backgrounds.

One of my aunts told me our family has a little Cherokee in it. Back in the day, that was like a scarlet letter. Something to be ashamed of. I’m glad those days have passed.

2022 Quarter Honorees:

  1. Maya Angelou
  2. Dr. Sally Ride
  3. Wilma Mankiller
  4. Nina Otero-Warren
  5. Anna May Wong

I am familiar with two of the women, but not all five. I guess this is an education for the citizenry and a real haul for coin collectors.

Got curious what the word is to identify coin collectors: ”numismatist” (“noo-miz-ma-tist”’). Numismatics is the study of things that are used as money, including coins, tokens, and paper bills.

Ellie and her money!

I was a numismatist in elementary school. Who knew? Pennies, nickels, dimes. If you’re already familiar with the word, my apologies for insulting your intelligence.

I had never heard it, but knew it was out there. Like right now, I know there is a word for someone who collects stamps, but I couldn’t tell you if my life depended on it. Hope no one asks!

Saturday 8.6.22

I wonder why I never thought of this: wearing a dress when I go for a walk. A friend wore one when we went walking a month or so ago.

I never thought a thing about it. Then this morning it popped into my head, ”I wonder what it’s like huffing it wearing a dress?”

The answer is, ”It’s one of the best things ever!” I highly recommend it. With this humidity, it’s a must.

You men might not be up for this, but if you are, then go for it!

New walking athletic wear — Perfect!

Sleeveless. Loose. No cinched waistband. A little above the knee. Light, airy material. It’s along the lines of a sack dress. Actually, I think it’s made to be a beach cover-up. I got it last year at Publix.

Sunday 8.7.22

This morning I headed out of the house at 6:15 for a brisk walk wearing my new walking athletic wear. It was still kind of dark out, but I wasn’t too, too scared. The sun was coming up at 6:54.

As I got to the street where I turn left on my route, I became a little skittish. The majority of the street is one big hill.

The part of the road I was approaching is canopied by a bunch of trees. It was so dark I could hardly see my sneakers.

I’m walking with trepidation because awhile back a friend and I were walking in this very area (later in the a.m.) when we happened upon a baby copperhead.

I pulled my friend away. I was afraid she was going to step on it. Its head was in the upright position, threatening to say the least. I don’t have to tell you how freaked out we were.

So I’m wondering as I gingerly make my way up the hill, what exactly would it feel like to step directly on a live baby copperhead. Shivers run down my spine. Unimaginable. We came so close.

I’ve learned that baby copperheads are more lethal than an adult. The babies haven’t learned how to moderate usage of their venom and so it all comes spewing forth. You probably already know this. I didn’t.

Years ago, I would get up in the dark morning dawn to get my almost-daily jog in. It was winter.

One morning I noticed a dog running in circles — low and to the ground. I was a little concerned because it didn’t really act as a dog acts. Oh my, it’s a coyote.

I know they are common in neighborhoods these days. I’ve also seen deer here. And of all things, I’ve seen a turkey or two.

Our neighborhood has a small creek running through it. Nice little spot for wildlife to hang.

I wonder where the wildlife is living now since we’re demolishing their habitats. It looks as though some have found refuge in our neighborhood. So very sad.

When I chose this photo, I thought those were clouds floating across the sky. pxhere.com

Wednesday 8.10.22

I wonder if I’ll ever find a purpose in life. I need to really really badly. The advantages and benefits cannot be denied — if you believe what you read on the internet. It’s convincing, and I believe it.

Only around 25% of American adults cite having a clear sense of purpose about what makes their lives meaningful.

‘7 Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life,’ a New York Times analysis; Amy Morin, LCSW, July 12, 2020 https://www.verywellmind.com

Sounds like I’m in good company. Seventy-five percent don’t have a purpose. I think I am waiting for one to fall in my lap. You know, just drop out of the sky.

Definition of life purpose: Your life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of your life — the reasons you get up in the morning. https://www.takingcharge.csh.umn.edu What is Life Purpose?

Well, this one is lost on me. The only thing motivating me out of bed is feeding these animals and having a bowl of cereal or doughnuts. That sounds pretty lame, doesn’t it? I need a purpose.

Purpose gives you positive health outcomes such as fewer strokes. It gives you longevity and contributes to your happiness. What’s not to like?

After reading up on this, I have decided right now I have one essential purpose: survival. I think that’s all I can handle at the moment.

Instead of what is my purpose in life, the better question for me is, How can I make better use of my time? Right now this isn’t a pressing issue. I’m good.

Fiddle Faddle — Bee Happy

In summary

There are endless things to wonder about, even if we run them through our mind on a loop day after day. These are just a few of my 50,000 daily thoughts.

Namaste 🙏


Song of the week: Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell (No moans. I like the tempo. I give it a 93.)

Thank you so much for reading. If you have a wondering or a song you’d like to share, please have at it in comments.


  1. This is a goody! I did feel a pang in my heart when you wrote “I wonder if I’ll ever find a purpose in life. I need to really really badly.” I have to say that at least for now your purpose is to make us think and reflect. Thank you for sharing with us and being so vulnerable.

    1. Dear Marijke,

      Your comment means so much to me. Tears filled my eyes. As has always been, your compassion and empathy shine through.

      I have wondered if this blog could be a purpose. I discounted that because all I do is talk about myself, doesn’t feel like I’m making a contribution. Maybe it can be a purpose for a little while. I do like the thought. Thank you for your encouragement.

      Thank you for being a loyal reader. Your extremely kind words are appreciated.

      As always,

  2. Over-thinking is my problem sometimes. My family tells me to stop overthinking everything, which probably is good advise. I think constantly about my purpose in life, especially as I get towards full retirement. My purpose over these many years has been taking care of our grieving families who come to us to handle the death of a loved one and being care taker to my husband. As you know he’s not well, and I ponder life without him and without my career. I’m sure many seniors ask this same question. I haven’t worn a dress in a very long time, but I remember how the breeze blows up under the dress and feels so good on the humid days…so cute on you Yvonne. Like Marijke, your blog has been inspirational for me personally, and as said before, you’re an exceptional writer! I’m sure when my day comes, I’ll find a new purpose to explore and grow from❤️

    1. Good morning, Judy! What a treat to wake up this morning and find a comment from you. Thank you for being such a loyal reader and commenter.

      I was thinking on my walk earlier about overthinking. I think it just can’t be helped sometimes. I don’t think you can just turn it off like a faucet. You have a lot of things going on right now so overthinking is understandable. To be honest, though, I don’t really know what is meant by overthinking. That’s what our minds do is think. I don’t know.

      You have had a very important purpose for a long time. I know your family and career mean so much to you. You know how my heart goes out to you and Walt. I know this is a trying time. It is a blessing indeed that you are a woman of strong faith. Just one more reason Honey was loved so much. She was such a lady.

      Take it easy, Judy. With an open heart for you and sending loving and healing thoughts your way, Namaste. 🙏🙏

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