Going Deep! Part Deux

Perhaps you think you know me. And you do. And I am glad.

I bet the readers of The Bruno Papers know me better than anyone. Not that this is anything to write home about — merely an observation.

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So from a previous post, ”Going Deep,” here’s Part Deux. It’s just hodgepodge.

For starters

What was the last thing that made me mad? I was sitting in a dental chair at least 10 minutes being prepped for a crown replacement. Then I was told my dentist no longer works there. Say what?

I loved the new dentist. I thought I had found my forever dentist. I went into immediate heartbreak mode.

The courtesy of knowing this before my arrival seems obvious. I will spare you my odyssey of finding a new dentist because mine retired.

Where do I get my news? Television. I am a visual person.

What task is my most dreaded to do? Wash and vacuum the car. This means I’m driving around in a dirty car. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look as awful as you may think.

What social media am I on or follow? None, only this blog. I’ve read stories debating whether blogs are considered social media. No mind to me, just doing my thing.


What song always gets me out on the dance floor? Steve Windwood’s Roll With It and Satisfaction by The Stones.

What is my favorite board game? Sorry. Favorite card game? Rook.

What causes am I passionate about? Two tied for No.1:

Number 1: Advocating for mental illness awareness when I have the opportunity.

Next No. 1: Making the planet safer for all animals, especially dogs, cats, and horses, just all of them.

I hate the thought of animals being mistreated or living in horrid conditions. I detest animals being hunted for sport or research. There is no room here on earth for poachers. I’m all in for PETA.

The most highly trafficked animal on the entire planet is a pangolin. It is a mammal found in Africa and Asia that eats ants or termites, catching them with its long, sticky tongue. They are about the size of a house cat. For more http://www.artdaily.cc.

Essential part of my daily routine: Playing Spelling Bee on my phone.

What do I remember most about my first job? How good looking my boss was.

What is my favorite flavor of Jolly Rancher? Green apple.

George ”Goober” Lindsey (Gomer’s cousin in The Andy Griffith Show) and my good friend Janine, taken at the Jacksonville Fair in the mid 70s.


What do I think makes a good person? Kindness, a good listener, empathetic, forgiving.

Do I believe time I enjoy wasting is not wasted time? Absolutely, yes.

What makes me feel at peace? Contemplating.

Would I rather someone be honest and hurt my feelings or lie to protect them? Of course I want to hear the truth. Unlike Jack Nicholson’s line in A Few Good Men, I can handle the truth. Might sting for a minute, but then I’ll know and continue living life.

Do I believe in second chances? For the most part, yes. It depends on what happened the first time around.

If you worked in a veterinarian’s office and treated animals inhumanely and were fired, I don’t think your second chance should be around animals in any way, shape, or form.

How do I define beauty? As they say in litigation cases in response to interrogatories, this question is overly broad. I’m unable to put it in words.

Fiddle Faddle


Do I write in cursive or print? Both, but I don’t have a beautiful penmanship like some people I know. I wish I did.

I have a friend who has a son in elementary school. She obtained for him a Social Security card. She handed it to him and asked him to sign it. He looked at her with a perplexed expression.

“What do you mean sign it?” His mom said write your name in cursive. He replied he doesn’t write in cursive.

He had been exposed to it in the early grades. At some point teaching cursive vanished. He printed his name on the card.

This struck me as so unusual. I guess having a cursive signature one day might be unnecessary and obsolete.

I would love to know why people making educational decisions think cursive is unimportant. Who knows? Some day it could turn into someone’s art form.

Teaching this style of writing pretty much stopped around 2010 in public elementary schools.

As of February 4, 2022, 21 states teach it. The debate about keyboarding versus cursive remains a hot topic. http://www.nea.org

I hope the NEA is working on bringing back Civics also.

What would be the title of my memoir? “How I Learned Not To Take Things Personally All the Time and the People Who Taught Me How”

What was my all-time favorite Halloween costume? The Statue of Liberty.

Let me introduce you to It. It is a variety of cypress plant. We named it It after the character in The Addams Family. It’s days are numbered. It just keeps growing wide and tall. I love this plant.

Just a little offbeat

Not to worry, I didn’t find this site on the dark web! I did not read any other articles so I have no idea what its message is. http://www.radfag.com

However, these caught my attention: 45 Questions to Ask While Waiting. I think some of these bizarre. Initially, I wasn’t going to answer them, but then thought where’s the fun in that!

These are for entertainment and scratch your head purposes, but some are serious — only 17 of the 45 (some have been modified):

  • Where is the least visited corner in your home? Behind the dining room door.
  • When piling things on the floor, how do you arrange the piles? My OCD can’t handle things being on the floor. Just anywhere except the floor!
  • What is the most expensive thing you own but never use? My waterproof and shockproof Fuji XP camera.
  • What is the cruelest thing you have done in love? Not saying ”I love you” enough.
  • Which question do you wish someone would ask you? If you could have any kind of cat, what would it be?
  • If you could punch one person in the face, who would it be? No one.
  • What will cause your inevitable downfall? Death.
  • Which aspects of your personality make you difficult to live with? Immediacy issues.
  • What shame have you learned to live with? Mental illness.
  • Whose misery would bring you comfort? Who thinks this way?
  • How have you convinced yourself that tenderness is scarce? Not sure about this one. I believe all of us have at least one soft spot but sometimes they are well hidden. I do understand the premise of this question. Some people don’t wear their heart on their sleeve.
  • Whom are you waiting to acknowledge as fallible? Anyone who thinks they aren’t.
  • What is the oldest thing currently in your refrigerator? Worcestershire sauce.
  • With whom are you dreading having a conversation? Anyone who comes by to look at my Mazda I am selling.
  • What is the name of the missing thing? Unconditional love from my mother.
  • What have you imagined is coming to heal you? Nothing. Usually it’s an inside job.
  • With whom is your kindness most forced? If you’re truly kind, it isn’t forced. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Wrapping up

If you would enjoy sharing a little of yourself, please do. I would love knowing you better (even if only on paper) — or leave a favorite quote of yours in comments. Funny stuff is always fun.

Namaste 🙏

Thank you so much for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.





  1. This was an interesting Post. I enjoyed reading this one alot.
    Oh, and the cute picture of you and Janine in high school! 😃

    As always, I like all of your posts. Brightens my day through the weekend.

    1. Hi Lona, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you on the blog. Great hearing from you. You are so kind to say you enjoy reading it. Thank you for reading. It’s hard to believe I have known Janine as long as I have. Naturally, she was tons of fun in high school. She still maintains the happiness in her life. I admire her.

      Take it easy.

      Love to you!

  2. Bruno was such a beautiful cat…those green eyes are glass like! Your picture with Goober is lovely. You were gorgeous Yvonne and a heart to match. Here I go….I get my news from the daily paper. I still like the feel of paper in my hand! I do read news from reliable sources online also. Recently I received news from Medicare part D that hubby’s cancer med was raised once again…$850.00 monthly out of pocket. I’m so angry with big Pharma how they treat cancer patients. This financial toxicity is outrageous and I am MAD!! As we are entering retirement, this is huge….just shameful. As I’ve aged, I hate cooking. I envy the younger couples today whose hubbies like to cook. My eldest son does the shopping and cooking! Facebook doesn’t interest me much any more with all the anger,politics, and sometimes people venting their problems. Don’t do Twitter or Instagram, but I sure do love your Blog! If you want me to shake my booty, just play Prince or any Motown music. My passions are cancer research, patient advocacy, financial toxicity. Feeding the poor has always been a passion. I was in charge of our local food pantry for 13 years. I love to play poker, but don’t play cards much now. Do enjoy Bingo (a senior thing). I’ve never understood why people enjoy the hunting experience, especially the yearly ritual of killing deer, or any animal. I do understand to keep animal populations in control, hunters kill. Just don’t get why people find it to be a pleasure. Everyday I look forward to 4:30 when I detach from my world and go to my room for solice. I love watching General Hospital which I record daily. This is MY time to relax and chill before I start the dreaded cooking of dinner! My first real job was when I was 16 working during school summer break for the KY Dept. of Agriculture which continued for 5 more years before I got married. We all deserve second chances definitely. It would be cruel not to give a second chance to someone who made an unwise choice. Beauty comes from within the soul. Outer beauty comes and goes, but beauty within remains. I’m a worry wart which drives my hubby and sons crazy at times. I’m not as trust worthy as I once was with healthcare. My Lord is the only one who could heal if it’s His will. I never trick or treated much as a child, but when I was 7, my mom made a box strapped around my neck filled with handmade cigars, cigarettes, and tipparello’s like in the old movies, and walked around in the school gym, offering those three things. Do your remember those movies? I preferred giving out the candy more! This was a fun blog Yvonne, and I hope this gives you some idea of who I was and am today. Love you sweet friend❤️

    1. Love it! Thank you for Going Deep.

      Apologies . . The Elsa cat in the post is not Bruno. Bruno’s adorable face is at the top and bottom of each post.

      Now and then I will look at a few online newspapers

      Agree with you about Big Pharma.

      I don’t cook.

      Not familiar with Prince but love The Supremes.

      I admire you are such a passionate person and put it to action in your good deeds.

      Like your definition of beauty.

      I remember the gym at Halloween. I remember the movies.

      Thank you for reading and commenting. Feels nice knowing you better.

      Love to you,

  3. Love, love the pic of you and our sweet Janine. Another good post that made me really think about things.

    1. Hi Anne, that picture really takes me down memory lane. Janine is always fun to be around. Love her! Glad you enjoyed the post. I never know what I’m going to end up writing about so I really appreciate the positive feedback. Great hearing from you! Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment.

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