Spiders. Ants. Beetles. Wasps and bees. Flies and crickets. Computers. If you are expecting a lesson in entomology (study of insects) or computer science, sorry to disappoint.


Here’s a brainteaser: All bugs are insects, but not all insects are bugs. I say this just for the fun factor. I don’t know whether the list above is bug, insect, or both. This is what happens when I want to post accurate information. I learn something.

This article focuses on things that ”bug” me. Maybe we share some.


As you know, I don’t like spending time at the grocery. Here are a few bugs why:

Instacart. The last two times I’ve been to the grocery, I have gotten, unknowingly, in line behind an Instacart shopper after it’s too late. Someone is already behind me. Each time I got in line I was behind a regular shopper. No escape!

If you are an Instacart user, no problem there. Easy and convenient. It just surprises me when all of a sudden I realize I am waiting in line behind one.

Instacart shoppers have a buggy overload of groceries. Literally, I am standing behind five people that the Instacart shopper has shopped for.

I have asked the cashiers their thoughts on this. It is a headache for them as well. Adding insult to injury, only one other line is open and it’s the express lane.

Well, the other day I finally had enough. I talked with the manager. (There’s a new one every other week at my Publix.)

I expressed to him the frustrations customers and cashiers experience when these shoppers have at least one over-the-top full buggy.

I tell the manager they need a dedicated Instacart check-out line with at least one other line open besides the express lane.

I say this is poorly managed and needs to be rectified. He says there is nothing that can be done about the situation because Instacart shoppers are still shoppers. I say this is unfair.

My bug is not the Instacart shopper. My bug is Publix isn’t stepping up to the plate to make an icky situation better.

At the end of our conversation, he said Publix is putting in self-checkout lines in January. He says this is the preferred method for Instacart shoppers. We should see some relief then he added.

I hope I can make it to January!!

Zoomed in picture in our hallway

Please stay out of my space. Thank you very much.

Now I go back to unloading groceries.

I am placing my things item-by-item on the conveyor belt. I hadn’t yet put the yellow bar across the belt indicating that’s the end for me. (I know not everyone uses the bar, but I do because I think it helps.)

Last Wednesday was the most flagrant. I had barely finished emptying my groceries. I am still standing behind my buggy. The bagger says she needs my buggy.

I turn around to find a lady putting her groceries right where I am standing. She is in my space. I shove her groceries back and ask, ”Can you please wait until I’m finished?” (Yes, I take no prisoners.)

She replied I could move up. I replied she could move back. I finished getting the buggy ready for the bagger. Since this couple is in my space, it is more difficult than necessary.

This closeness happens sometimes while I’m trying to pay.

I don’t understand people these days. Some feel entitled to walk right into my personal space.

I believe these intruders know what is considered reasonable limits of others’ personal spaces. They do it anyway. Bug off!

I swear I am going to have to start taking a Valium just to get through the stress of going to the grocery. People are becoming so bold — maybe that’s me. Oh! No!

Sometimes I have a reactive mindset.

More bugs

  1. Amazon putting packages in the mailbox. This is illegal. I called Amazon. They agreed, but nothing has changed.
  2. Not being able to reach a live person on the line anymore at businesses and medical practices.
  3. Obvious grammar errors and typos in books.
  4. Reporters and others using the words fired and laid off interchangeably. There is a difference, at least in Georgia. You don’t qualify for unemployment if you’re fired. You do if you are laid off. That’s how it was back in my day.
  5. People not holding the door open for others passing through.
  6. Tinted car windows so dark I can’t tell if you want me to let you in front of me.
  7. Overhearing people’s telephone conversations in public places. Not really interested in where you want to go for dinner or how much fun last night was. Texting doesn’t involve me — might want to try that.
  8. People not making eye contact while conversing.
  9. Delivery trucks backing up and turning around in our driveway, and tearing up the grass on both sides. I finally put up reflectors. We have our grass back and no more scrapes on the drive.
  10. Getting stuck in traffic behind a school bus.
  11. Keeping track of passwords. I don’t trust an app that manages my passwords online.
  12. TV advertising for things that really shouldn’t be advertised. Things better advertised in magazines perhaps, or not at all.
  13. Talking on the phone with an AT&T representative.
  14. Is it me, or is it becoming more difficult to get lids and various tops off things? I sometimes go into a conniption opening items packaged in plastic.
  15. The buggiest of bugs: The gallon of milk seems to be getting heavier than the last gallon of milk I picked up — and I can lift two 12# weights for bicep curls. YIKES!! A gallon of skim milk weighs 8.6 pounds.


  1. I like being around people who make me feel at ease.
  2. I like being on the phone/in person with someone who is in a position to help me. I appreciate those who have an attitude of ”What can I do for you?”

Bugging out

There you have it — part of my Mr. Hyde side.


In learning about blogging, it is said you come across as more authentic when you share with your readers some of your faults, weaknesses, and unkind thinkings.

With my faults and personal errors, I think it best to be more like Dr. Jekyll. I try to be good and kind more of the time, but I slip.

As I understand it, each of us carries Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde inside. We’re human. There’s just no way of getting past the dualities of our being.

Namaste 🙏

Thank you so much for reading, If you’re in the mood, all comments are welcome.






    1. We sure are on the same page with this one. As I write this, I’m about to leave to go to the grocery….. Grrrr. Ditto about passwords. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment.

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