Can You Hear Me Now?

Hello. Hello. It’s noise pollution here. I’m trying to reach you. — STOP! I’m sorry. I can’t hear you. I don’t want more noise pollution. Go away. Don’t come back. If only we could get rid of noise pollution so easily. The fact of the matter is that it is a worldwide phenomenon. It is… Continue reading Can You Hear Me Now?

Have I Been Ghosted?

It kind of feels like it. Just another form of emotional abuse and mental cruelty. That sounds terribly harsh. Some people describe it that way. I totally get it. My case was mild. Mine regards one of the two new friends I mentioned in a previous post. It’s stunning and has caught me unawares. Ghosting… Continue reading Have I Been Ghosted?

Old Faithful

Twenty-two years, at least, and still running. Our Amana refrigerator. Makes a light humming noise off and on in its aging state, but it’s still rocking. No issues and no repairmen. No computerized controls. On occasion, Paul pulls it out to clean the coils and then back in place it goes. We talk about getting… Continue reading Old Faithful

One Day to Live

Sounds like a soap opera doesn’t it? What would I do if I knew I had one more day to live. In reality, I should live as if that were true. One day it will be. So, tomorrow evening it’s curtains. What shall I do with the day? When I wake up, assuming I was… Continue reading One Day to Live

Cause de Célébration

It happened. I had a birthday. I became 68. I think this makes me officially a senior citizen. Whoo-hoo! I lie. It’s not a whoo-hoo moment. Don’t get me wrong. I have no complaints. I’m in glorious company at this stage of life. In fact, I am so very thankful to have made it this… Continue reading Cause de Célébration

Going Deep

Going deep, you say? Yes, exactly. I’m not talking scuba diving or freediving. I’m talking ”small talk” and ”deep talk.” I mean like really getting to know someone. To some extent, I don’t really ”know” some of my friends and family, and they don’t really “know” me. Not a big deal, but for me it… Continue reading Going Deep

Just Wondering . . .

“On average, we think about 50,000 thoughts a day. Few of them are new. A whopping 98% of all thoughts we think on a daily basis actually belong to yesterday.” Andy Murphy, The Shocking Percentage of Thoughts That Belong to Yesterday, December 8, 2021. This leaves us with 2% for new thinking a day.… Continue reading Just Wondering . . .

My Cousin, Jimmy

I love him. He was a father to me, not taking anything away from my dad. He loved me unconditionally. I wasn’t around him all the time, but yet he was always there. He was love. It felt good. He and his wife, Evelyn, were so loving and kindhearted. They generously let me be a… Continue reading My Cousin, Jimmy

A Treasure of Titles

There is no friend as loyal as a book. — Ernest Hemingway What kind of reader are you? Don’t read. Read on occasion. Read a fair amount. Voracious. What’s your pleasure? Fiction or nonfiction? E-books, audiobook listening, or print? Do you have a special place where you read? Which genres do you prefer? Before you… Continue reading A Treasure of Titles

What Do I Want More Than Anything, At Least For Now?

I ask this of myself on occasion. Kind of a barometer of where I’m at. Always fluctuating. I’m feeling pretty good these days so I’m not wanting, needing, or thinking about anything too serious. listed eight things, in order, that people want more than anything. They note people desperately desire these things but they… Continue reading What Do I Want More Than Anything, At Least For Now?