Not Letting Go

We all have it — stuff. Some we’ve had since childhood. College. Careers. Marriages. Let it go or keep it? I still have a pencil holder I made in vacation bible school as a child. I love it and still use it — not letting that go. Or maybe you’ve got BIG stuff. Or BIG… Continue reading Not Letting Go


A little startled, ”What’s that sound?” The clock reads 4:40 a.m. Oh, it’s Sage sharpening his claws on the scratching post in my bedroom. When he does this in the early mornings, he’s letting me know he’s ready for breakfast. Thankfully, this is not an every day occurrence. I remove myself from my warm and… Continue reading Friday

A Stay in the Hospital

“I have arrived. I hope to get some relief here — what an oxymoron — getting relief in a psych ward. I have observed that two of the “goons” behind the courtroom facade have already spoken about my sunglasses – eyeballs! I observe flags here, but no peace symbols — it’s a source of agitation… Continue reading A Stay in the Hospital

Losing and Gaining Friends

I guess it’s bound to happen, but hopefully not too much. We get older. Personalities and growth directions change. You realize a friendship you enjoyed for over 20 years, or even less, is gone. It’s a loss I still grieve. I have trouble letting go and just letting things fade away to begin with. When… Continue reading Losing and Gaining Friends

How Much Can We Take?

Putin’s War caused this question to come to mind. I feel mentally crippled and helpless to do anything. I can’t wrap my head around it. It’s made me think hard and deep about how much we humans can withstand — both physically and emotionally. It’s miraculous we survive as well as we do. I am… Continue reading How Much Can We Take?

Talking with Arlene

Last Thursday, I had a therapy session with Arlene. I go once every three months for med refills and counseling. Sometimes I go in between if there’s something heavy weighing on my mind. I try to get through the issue on my own though. I’m always surprised how quickly time moves when we talk. As… Continue reading Talking with Arlene

The Wonders of Gifts

Who doesn’t like to receive a gift? The unknown. The thinking of what it could be. Who’s giving me something? What if I open it and immediately think why would I want this with the gift giver beside me? Then there are the gifts I open and think ”perfect” — just what I’ve always wanted.… Continue reading The Wonders of Gifts

A Life Experience Missed

You know, I can’t remember ever being asked if I regretted not going to college. I appreciate that. It’s hard to answer. It just wasn’t in the cards for me. That sounds like such a cop out, doesn’t it? My only defense is I was trying to survive on my own. I don’t feel great… Continue reading A Life Experience Missed