Mother’s Friend, Eddie

Preamble A few people have mentioned I’m going soft on Mother. I am portraying her in a decent light they say. They are right. It’s hard to say about one’s mother, but mine was dreadful a lot of the time. Her behavior toward me as a human being was mean and painful. I believe this… Continue reading Mother’s Friend, Eddie

The Mishap

As you know, I spent many years in the legal field. My first job as a legal secretary was in Tampa for the State of Florida, Department of Business Regulation, Division of Land Sales. The agency regulated the selling of land in Florida; there were some shady people and companies trying to sell swamp land… Continue reading The Mishap

Heeere’s Sage!

Sage is my white Persian cat, with golden eyes. He is living art. He is beautiful (to me) and he’s all fluff. He has curly whiskers. He is adopted. Deciding Months after Bruno passed away, I still wasn’t ready for a new cat, if at all. I knew there would never be another Bruno. My… Continue reading Heeere’s Sage!

Introducing You to My Mother

This is how it all supposedly begins isn’t it? Our mothers. A good mother-daughter relationship is a treasure to behold. The relationship with my mother felt something like this: Background Born in 1935 in rural Kentucky near Fort Knox to parents who were sharecroppers, she was the youngest of eight children. She had a tough… Continue reading Introducing You to My Mother

Thank You, Ernst!!

I would like to thank Ernst for setting this blog up for me Everyone loves Ernst! What a guy! The Bruno Papers would not be but for the hard work of my friend, Ernst. He is the most tech savvy person I know. When I was toying with the idea of having a blog, I… Continue reading Thank You, Ernst!!


Are you a walker? Yes, you are a walker. What kind of walker? Walk into the kitchen to find something to nibble on walker?. Walk the dog walker. Walk to transportation walker. All kinds. This is something we all do. I saw a story on TV once about a runner (surely he did a little… Continue reading Walking

Abandonment, Part Two

Where Were We? Oh yes, my dad was going to abandon me in a month. Let’s put that on the calendar. As I recall, he would be heading out the end of January. It just occurs to me now why he even waited a month. Guess he wanted to give his employer the customary two-week… Continue reading Abandonment, Part Two

Abandonment, Part One

This is a negative word for sure. I was abandoned by my dad when I was 14 and living in Florida. I am a retiree now so that was many moons ago. This still lives in me though and affects things even as I have grown older. I still worry sometimes that my husband will… Continue reading Abandonment, Part One

Heavy Lifting

Are you in to fitness? I am. I have a really good personal trainer. We have been together for three or four years. I started training in 2007. I have had three trainers and Lisa is the best. I decided to get with the program when my doctor told me I was overweight. It is… Continue reading Heavy Lifting

I was a Legal Secretary.

Bullies, Bullies, Bullies. If you want to find some, I know where some adult bullies hang out. Bullying is no laughing matter and it hurts a lot. It can happen to any of us. My heart goes out to those loving parents whose children are affected by this. I don’t know anything about cyberbullying with… Continue reading I was a Legal Secretary.